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We were given a cheap lighter made in China and were tasked to brand it. It didn’t have packaging or a name (other than the name of the manufacturer) so our brand had to start from the begining. 

The name “Vlint” was chosen as it’s the old middle dutch word for “Flint”. Our target audience were young adults- we wanted a lighter that could be trendy and popular outside of the smoking crowd.

After many iterations, we finalised our logo, which used elements from the flint wheel of the lighter, as well some from the wick itself.

We developed a brand behind it, with packaging, a namecard, online store as well as ads. 

Part 2 of the project was to take our previous branding and turn it into a chanel branding, where we did the programme opener, bumpers, and billboards.

— 1 week ago
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We did a retrelling of the classic folklore story, The Sister’s Island for Esplanade’s Feed Your Imagination. 

We were asked to do the graphics telling the story of Linah and Minah, where we would be accompanied by music from Ding YI Chinese Orchestra.

We were split into groups and each of us worked on specific parts of the story. Once the graphics were finished, We rehearsed with Ding Yi to get the timing of the graphics right. I handled the main screen, while some of my classmates did the two screens on the side.

The show itself lasted 3 days, where we presented the story to six different primary schools. 

— 1 week ago

The task for this project was to come up with a series of postcards about a chosen area- I chose three places in my neighbourhood which I thought were special. 

Along with the postcards, we had to make a map for people to find the places.

— 1 week ago

A school project based on an audio interview with someone who grew up in foster care.

The task was to tell the story of the interviewee in an illustration piece, but through a metaphor using animals.

A common theme throughout the interview was that the interviewee felt like he needed to hide his emotions away and act tough, and I felt like it was similar to the Sun bear, which appears ferocious on the outside, but is in fact pretty scared of humans. 

— 1 week ago